Pau Gasol to guest on ‘Eva Luna’

There are 29 games left in the NBA's regular season, and come Thursday morning, 14 different teams will be without a "next game" to look forward to. If you're a fan of one of those teams, you're probably going to want to pay attention to the 11 games on Monday night, the penultimate chance to see your favorite team before the playoffs leads to an offseason which leads to a long, long lockout.

Unless you're a Lakers fan. Your team has lost five straight, it might drop to the fourth seed in the West, and things might get nastier before they get better. This is not a fun team to watch right now, and the 22 other teams that are playing on Monday night probably don't interest you. Because all they do is remind you of The Streak. And if you've already seen Monday night's Top Gear, you're sort of out of options. Until you flip over to Univision to take in the shocking season finale of "Eva Luna!"

Featuring Pau Gasol, who is not satisfied after his cameo on CSI! And in a church! And with a Lakers uniform!

Take it away, press release:

Left to right: Daniel (Guy Ecker), Eva (Blanca Soto) and Gasol meet up at the church for an unexpected twist and turn of events in the fascinating finale of Univision's hit primetime novela "Eva Luna."


"I am delighted to participate in a novela that is so important and to have the opportunity to be part of the final episode and be one of the surprises for the audience," said Pau Gasol, NBA sports star and Lakers' player.  "I am excited to be able to get closer to the Hispanic audience in this way."

"The special appearance of NBA star, Pau Gasol, in 'Eva Luna's' grand finale is one of our many surprises," said Luis Fernandez, president of entertainment for Univision Network and Univision Studios. "Univision is the home for Hispanic America which is why we are honored to have a great champion join us for the finale of this winning novela."

It should be pointed out that the Spanish spelling of "novella" is "novela." And that, 11 games be damned, this is a must-watch affair.

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