The NBA celebrates Kobe Bryant’s return with a cool new commercial (Video)

Despite a series of ailments that would have failed many a lesser man, Kobe Bryant seemed just about indestructible until the moment he went down with a torn Achilles tendon nearly eight months ago. Because of the shock of the injury and his ascension into his mid-30s, the NBA was forced to try and comprehend a life without Kobe Bean Bryant making things perpetually interesting for his Los Angeles Lakers.

And after about a moment's thought, the NBA concluded that this was something they weren't quite ready for. Which is why Bryant's return, televised on NBA TV against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday evening, is going to be a celebrated occasion.

Mindful of such, the NBA decided to put together a video trumpeting Bryant's return, while documenting just how much things have changed since we first met him in the summer of 1996. Watch:

We'll have all manner of Kobe Koverage here at BDL tonight.

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