Nazr Mohammed films Oklahoma City Thunder fans welcoming the team back at 5:30 in the morning (VIDEO)

Because he's played sporadic minutes, Oklahoma City Thunder center Nazr Mohammed hasn't contributed much since his fantastic fill-in work for injured Thunder starting center Kendrick Perkins in Game 1. As a result, he's taken to Twitter to help aid his team as it attempts to move past the Los Angeles Lakers and back into the Western Conference finals. And, in the hours following the team's inspiring win over the Lakers on Saturday night, Mohammed shot video of his team returning to Oklahoma City to the cheers of dozens of fans who had camped out in the rain at the airport at 5:30 in the morning to welcome the Thunder back.

This is a team in a second-round series, mind you. Watch:

Pretty impressive stuff, OKC faithful. For every person caught wearing this terrible T-shirt, there are probably a couple thousand knowledgeable Thunder fans pulling good stunts like this. Game 5 is set for late Monday night, and it figures to be a must-watch. Just not in the rain.

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