Michael Jordan's dinner table with 32,292 holes

Michael Jordan has been criticized for either spending his money poorly, as owner and personnel chief of the Charlotte Bobcats, or for not spending any money at all. Charlotte made the postseason last year due to Jordan's moves, but facing an outsized payroll in a small market, he pulled back during the offseason, and the Bobcats are spiraling back toward the lottery.

Maybe, partially, because Jordan spent a good chunk a change on one of the cooler dinner tables we've ever seen.

We realize that "cool dinner table" is akin to referring to a "modern-as-tomorrow pot holder" or "au courant dish strainer," but seriously, look at this thing:

The coolest part? The artist who designed it plugged a hole into the table for each of the points MJ scored during his NBA career.

From TBD:

Nevertheless, Sirvet, a local sculptor who works in metal, knew that he would be competing against several artists for the honor of crafting a dining room table for His Airness. He wanted something that would catch Jordan's eye, so he proposed a table drilled with one hole for every point Jordan scored in his basketball career, totaling 32,292 (The table actually has 32,296 holes if you include the holes drilled for each leveling foot, but Sirvet doesn't count those).

"[If I were him,] I'd like to see some manifestation of my life's work," says Sirvet. "It's gotta be cool to sit back and say, 'I can quantitatively look back at every point I've scored.'"

Pretty impressive stuff.

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Jordan apparently loved the table so much that he bought another of Sirvet's works to add to the décor of his condominium in Charlotte. Sirvet, who is admittedly "not a sports guy," still hasn't met Jordan to discuss the work, but he'd "love to have lunch with him sometime ... We both have an appreciation for what the other does."

The table (the artist declined to name the price), among his other works of art, are available at Sirvet's website.

(All photos courtesy Michael Sirvet.)

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