Memphis’ Sam Young gets benched and has his car stolen

Think you've had a bad day? Think that your worst day is worth a tweet, a Facebook missive, an email or text to someone about how things went wrong? OK, try being Memphis Grizzlies guard Sam Young. Try working your tail off for the team you play for, only to be replaced in the starting lineup and have your demotion be credited endlessly on national TV for your team's return to form as it wins, following your trip to the bench.

Then try working through that very public bit of drama the same day that your car was stolen.

On Friday the 13th.

By, according to a Memphis TV station, "a man with dreads."

Yes, Sam Young left his Chevrolet Camaro running as he made a trip to the ATM in Memphis on Friday, the same day he was replaced in the Grizzlies' starting lineup by O.J. Mayo as the team won its Game 6 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Because the muscle car boasted an On-Star system that helped police track the vehicle, his Camaro was returned, but it was a needless bit of bad luck on a day that was particularly negatively noteworthy for the Grizzlies' wing.

And, worst luck of all? The "man with dreads" (we can't even be bothered to call them "dreadlocks," now?) is still at large.

OK, perhaps we're being a bit kind. It's not really bad luck when you leave a new car with a loud V8 running with the keys in it while you rush off to the ATM for cash. Nobody deserves to have their car pilfered, obviously, but Sam made it a little easier by leaving the keys in the ignition.

Or, as Memphis' own Box Tops once shouted, "you left the motor runnin' …"