Marko Jaric is in Spanish Vogue — so is his wife

The way I see it, the list of players in the history of the NBA who would ever appear in Spain's version of Vogue goes something like this:

1. Pau Gasol(notes)
2. Rudy Fernandez(notes)
3. Sergio Rodriguez(notes)
4. Jose Calderon(notes)
5. Marc Gasol(notes)
159. Jorge Garbajosa(notes)
673. Marko Jaric(notes)
5,340. Brad Miller(notes)

Apparently my calculations were a little off as the people behind the magazine skipped from No. 1 to No. 673 like it was nobody's business.

That's right — Marko Jaric, former NBA shooting guard and current Real Madrid baller, is just the second NBA player that I know of to be in the pages of the Spanish fashion magazine. Yeah, he's Serbian, but he plays in Spain, so it makes total sense. Oh, and he's married to BDL Bedlam Champion/supermodel Adriana Lima, which may have something to do with why he was asked to pose for the glossy.

The entire photo spread is available for viewing at the magazine's Spanish website. However, all of the Marko Jaric pictures are here, so I don't know why you'd even want to click over. It's just Adriana with no Marko — big waste of time.

Careful on the jump. Marko Jaric definitely isn't wearing a shirt and Adriana Lima isn't wearing much more.

(h/t Marc)

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