Mark Wahlberg plays two-on-two with Jimmy Butler, praises the Chicago Bulls (Video)

Actors and athletes tend to run in the same circles (consider their many cameos over the run of NBA favorite "Entourage"), but some combinations still have the ability to surprise. Last week, a photo surfaced of Hollywood star and hamburger impresario Mark Wahlberg on a basketball court with Chicago Bulls workhorse wing Jimmy Butler. It wasn't the most shocking image ever, if only because Butler made something of a name for himself, but the lack of explanation brought up several questions. Like, say, why was the star of "Shooter" wearing what appeared to be an official Bulls practice jersey?

Based on the video above (via Beyond the Buzzer), it appears that Mr. Wahlberg, who really should have won some sort of award for his performance in "I Heart Huckabees," was at the Bulls' practice gym in a somewhat official capacity. In Chicago while shooting the forthcoming "Transformers: Age of Extinction," Wahlberg decided to play pickup with friends and filmed an interview with BullsTV. Answering questions with the ease and charm of someone who has done dozens of press junkets in his life, Wahlberg explained how he's always appreciated the Bulls despite his Boston roots, believes Derrick Rose could be the best player in the NBA, and would trade his whole career for the ability required to be a league-minimum athlete in professional sports. It's probably worth taking him at his word on the kind words for Chicago, too, because his Clippers-styled "Lob Angeles" shirt suggests he dabbles in supporting non-Boston teams.

The real story of this video, though, comes when Butler joins Wahlberg and associates for a game of two-on-two. Although we have no way to tell how much editing was needed to make Wahlberg look good, he shows some impressive range on his jumper. Plus, even at 5-8, he appears to have the strength to finish through fouls at the rim.

After the game, Wahlberg applied a "BULLS 4 EVA" jailhouse tattoo to his own chest.

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