Mark Madsen provides his top 10 Shaq-isms

There is so much spun gold in former Laker Mark Madsen's top 10 Shaquille O'Neal anecdotes, that we really don't know which to quote.

It could be the one about trying to hook Madsen up with a flight attendant, while being mindful of Madsen's Mormon faith. It could be the part about adding "an extra 10,000 square feet" to O'Neal's Orlando home because "you only live once."

Or, it could be the part where Madsen reminds us of this glowing mark on O'Neal's resume, where he personally chased down some punk who decided to assault a couple merely for showing the same sort of affection we all deserve in our lives.

Or, it could be O'Neal's excuse for being late to work, after having to navigate the traffic outside of El Segundo, Calif. I will now let Mark Madsen take over:

Shaq was rarely late to practice and Phil Jackson gave us one free "late pass" due to the unpredictable LA traffic.  So one day Shaq comes in about ten minutes late and Phil says, "Shaq, why are you late?"  Shaq said, "I was coming down the highway and a big rig flipped full of chickens…there were eggs, feathers, and chickens everywhere. Sorry about that Phil."

Two weeks later Shaq came late and Phil asked, "What happened Shaq?"  Shaq said, "I was on time and everything then this huge truck filled with chickens flipped.  There were eggs and feathers everywhere."  The whole team was dying laughing.  Phil issued the fine, but I think even he loved it despite the fact that he had to fine Shaq."

It really is a fantastic must-read. Thanks for the Madsenories, Mark.