Magic Johnson and Larry Bird stop by the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ (VIDEO)

We don't know what to think about the Broadway play detailing the storied careers, rivalry and eventual friendship between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, the critics have been less than kind as a start, but we do know that the Magic and Larry promotional team is a bit of a gas. The story of the two's longstanding duels, dating back to the 1979 NCAA Final, are the stuff of legend; but last year's HBO documentary and Jackie MacMullan's book detailing their respective legacies were more than up to the task.

On Wednesday, the pair stopped in to chat with David Letterman, on CBS, to promote the play. And, with goading from Letterman, to go over their sometimes prickly past. Here's a clip:

In this next one, Magic details his struggles with HIV, over 20 years after being diagnosed with the virus:

Lastly, do you recall this Converse ad?

It served as an introduction of sorts between Larry and Magic. Not as competitors — they'd been going at it for over seven years at that point — but as friends:

Here's a link to the homepage of the Broadway play, if you're so inclined.