Let’s watch Boris Diaw and Hedo Turkoglu fall down (Videos)

The point of this post is for us is to watch Boris Diaw and Hedo Turkoglu fall down. If you're looking for something newsier, more specifically noteworthy, more forward-looking or more crisply analytical, we've got plenty of that, too; I will not feel insulted if you elect to go elsewhere. Here, though, we will watch two large men with better-than-average agility for their size become momentarily Monstarred mid-move and collapse to the court like a pair of ill-assembled meatpiles.

Sound good? OK, then.

Here is Diaw pump-faking, driving right, spinning left and shaking himself to his very core during the second quarter of the San Antonio Spurs' double-overtime victory over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday:

And here is Turkoglu driving left and just immediately imploding during the second quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers' four-point loss to the Miami Heat on Wednesday:

Turkolgu left the game shortly after hitting the deck and, as Ben Golliver of The Point Forward noted, "appeared to be in some discomfort during the second half." Here's hoping the issue was mere soreness or a tweak rather than anything more serious. Diaw, on the other hand, appeared to injure nothing more than his pride, chipping in four points and three rebounds in 21-plus minutes.

What's most remarkable about these sorts of whoopses is that, given how many 6-foot-8 or bigger guys handle the ball and make moves every night in the NBA, this doesn't happen basically all the time.

Wait, no; that's the second most remarkable thing. No. 1 is still the part where they fall down. I forgot.

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