Leftover candy: Now Jimmer Fredette wants to be your dog

This picture — posted on Oct. 29, 2011, to the Twitter account of Whitney Wonnacott, a cheerleader at Brigham Young University who is engaged to NBA first-round draft pick Jimmer Fredette — shows the Sacramento Kings' prized rookie dressed as a dog and on all fours alongside his betrothed, clad as Cruella de Vil, in a "101 Dalmatians"-themed couples' Halloween costume. This much we know; this much is inarguable; this much is fact.

This much is opinion: I think this is kind of great.

Sure, some folks, like the gents at Larry Brown Sports, might think that assenting to wearing a costume like this will cost you "all remaining bro points." But considering those don't sound all that great to begin with — they seem kind of arbitrary and don't even appear to be redeemable for fun prizes — maybe Jimmer's decision to do something together with the woman he wants to marry that might make her happy was a good move, especially considering he is not going to be subjected to the kind of bro-point-reducing verbal beating he'd surely take in the Kings' locker room once these pictures hit the Web.

This way, his lady's happy, he gets to have a little fun at a time when fun's in kind of short supply for basketball types, and he gets to think of fun stuff like Stooges and Replacements songs. Feels like a total win-win to me, although we all know just how incendiary an NBA-blogosphere-tandem-Halloween-costume contrarian I am.

If anything, it's just sad that Jimmer had to go for what appear to be dalmatian earmuffs rather than a full-on head covering or a deluxe dalmatian mask. With the loss of paychecks looming, though, it was a shrewd move for the future Fredettes to make. It's never too early to start financial planning, especially in this economy, am I right, gang?

Hat-tips to LBS and The Big Lead.