Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love dress up like old men, dominate a pickup game, sell cola (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie Staff

So, the acting in this cola advertisement isn't great. The product placement both in the beginning and in the midst of a not-staged-we-swear pickup ball setting is borderline insulting, and it's clear that the extras (with no blurred-out faces, all aware of the cameras after having signed the requisite release forms) are in on the gag … but it's still pretty cool to watch Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love and soon-to-be Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving absolutely dominate a pickup basketball game while made up to look like septuagenarians.

Just look past the obvious models and professional extras, and don't try to bang your head against your desk as you yell "who the hell drinks bottles of Pepsi while watching a pickup game?!?!" and enjoy the All-NBA level moves as performed by Kyrie and Kevin.

Er, "Drew" and "Wes."