Kevin Love rewards Nikola Pekovic’s block with awesome no-look lefty dime in Wolves preseason win (VIDEO)

See, now, that's just smart team leadership. When your center engulfs an opponent's shot, forces a turnover, starts a break and runs the floor, it's just good policy to repay his effort with a feed ... especially when he is a muscular, gangstrous giant like Nikola Pekovic, who will grind your bones to make his bread if you get on his bad side. If you can do it with a ridiculous mid-air one-touch redirect, as Kevin Love does here with Andrei Kirilenko's just off-target lead pass, then so much the better ... especially during a preseason game, when fans who pay for the privilege of watching the principled opposition of Maccabi Haifa should be entertained as much as possible. And hey, who needs to sleep properly on their right arm when you can do this with your left?

Great work all around, Minnesota Timberwolves. I know your chemistry's still a work in progress, but that work sure seemed like it was progressing nicely on Tuesday night.

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Love had 24 points, eight rebounds and two assists, including this honey of a setup, in 31 minutes of play to lead Minnesota to a 114-81 win over the visiting Israeli club. Pekovic finished with 10 points and nine rebounds in 26 minutes.

If the video above's not rocking for you, feel free to check it out elsewhere, via nbainfos.