Kevin Garnett's 'Beat L.A.' shoe

It's usually below Kevin Garnett(notes) to taunt an opponent.

Actually, no it's not. KG is known for rubbing it in the face of all manner of opponents. Postgame, sure, he'll be the first guy to offer you a handshake, win or lose, but during the game? All bets are off. Especially if you happen to be a 6-2 point guard who wasn't born in the continental United States.

So when word leaked out that KG was planning to wear a stylized ANTA-brand shoe that threw Boston's all-time record (152-120, as pictured above) against the Los Angeles Lakers, in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers? Well, it's pretty typical.

And it's pretty cool. Kudos to KG for putting himself out there like that, especially as Sunday's hyped-up contest against the defending champs is in Los Angeles. If the 2004 MVP has a less than stellar time out, he's going to be on the hook.

More pictures of the shoe are placed after the jump.

(HT to The Basketball Jones, and pictures courtesy ANTA and Counter Kicks.)

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