Joakim Noah is amazing at beer pong. And why not?

The point of beer pong? I get it. There's beer, which is delicious, and competition. Sure, you're bound to pick up mononucleosis at some point in the proceedings, but I get it. I never much had the patience for the game while in college -- mainly because there were girls at the party, guys, and why are we huddling around this stupid table when they're in the living room? -- but I get the appeal.

And so does Joakim Noah. According to TMZ (and via SLAM).

TMZ has obtained photos of Joakim Noah ... fully engaged in a competitive game of aquatic beer pong Saturday at an apartment complex near the University of Florida ... his alma mater.

Sources at the apt. tell us ... Joakim's pong skills were STRONG ... and he played for roughly 2 hours.

We're told Joakim -- who's frickin' JACKED by the way -- was "pretty cool" with the people at the complex ... and was a gracious winner after walking away with a victory on the water.

As you can see from the photo above, yes, Joakim has been staying in some pretty good shape during the NBA's lockout; and Bulls fans should allow him the empty calories that an hours-long marathon of beer pong provides. And what's most impressive is the fact that he probably puts that ridiculous spin on that ping-pong ball, and yet it still goes in. Hopefully this will give him more confidence on his jump shot, which was (seriously) an effective weapon for Chicago for the first half of the season, before a wrist injury derailed Noah's confidence. So, pong it up, Joakim.

Just don't get mono, Noah. Noah, mono. Mono, Noah. Uma, Oprah.

(Photo and news courtesy the fine folks at TMZ.)