Introducing Steve Nash’s new clothing line, and side-parted hair

Steve Nash has developed his own clothing line, which should probably work well for the all-world point guard. After all, the two-time Phoenix Suns MVP has long been one of the more stylish players in the NBA, at least since he hit his 30s. Still, the idea of Nash running an upscale clothing line based on cufflinks and three-piece suits seems a bit off, at absolute best. Or, to hear Eric Freeman tell it, "The Steve Nash Collection should be a thin T-shirt, cargo shorts, and Toms shoes."

That said, Steve and his stylized schmatta looks good. Real good. The slicked-back Gordon Gekko haircut on Nash may be a bit of a miss, but the get-ups tend to work, and you can tell hip and in touch with haute couture I am because of the way I still use phrases like "get-ups."

Here's a bit of the old Nash rambling along, though, via SB Steve McAllister:

(He sort of looks like Pete Campbell. I'm not sure how we should feel about this.)


There are also ties, and cufflinks, and a stern visage from Steve in a few of these photos, if you visit the website offering these wares.

There's also this -- something called "The ultimate Steve Nash experience," which we're assuming has to be tied into some sort of charity on some level, right?

Whatever the impetus, if you enter the contest via Facebook you can win a trip for two to see a Suns game (which will take place sometime in 2013, we're guessing), along with hotel accommodations, spending money, a pair of suits, and "a postgame handshake with Steve Nash." Not "from" Steve Nash, but with him. Sounds like a trip, man.

Also, the Phoenix Suns were set to tip off their 2011-12 season against the Oklahoma City Thunder a week from Wednesday before the first two weeks of the NBA season were canceled. Try not to jab a Steve Nash-styled cufflink into your forehead after being reminded of that fact.

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