Iman Shumpert destroys an iPhone 5 in the spirit of basketball science (VIDEO)

This video dropped late Friday, but we're breaking the news to you now so that you can (i)Phone your friends and tell them about how a basketball player's test drive of his new smartphone went awry. Some of you might Yelp when you see a device that costs between $199 and $399 (or more without a contract) being dribbled, shot and dunked by New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert, but I bet your (Insta)grampa will love it. As soon as he sees Shumpert begin maneuvering the phone like he is some sort of Palm Pilot, Gramps probably won't need an Apple Maps that everyone hates to figure out where this video is going.

In conclusion: Fruit Ninja.

(In actual, factual basketball news, Shumpert — who walked without a limp during a public appearance Saturday after several months of rehabilitation following May surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee — could be back on the court for the Knicks as soon as December, according to Nate Taylor of The New York Times.)

Video via The NOC.

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