Hakeem Olajuwon is full of ideas

It's a classic meeting of the minds.

A staffer at Thrillist, with no byline that I can find, heads into an interview with former NBA MVP Hakeem Olajuwon, knowing that he or she is going to spend the duration of the interview taking the mickey, so to speak, and letting Dream talk himself into ha-ha parts without much provocation. And Hakeem, speaking to shill for his Dream Shake line of clothing, has no problems just letting the words flow faster than the actual thought process behind it.

As a result, you get something like this:

How else do you apply the Dream Shake to your life?

A classic example of that is fashion. Take cashmere. It's a formal fabric, sports coats, overcoats. I'd bring it down, make it casual. But it's cashmere. People aren't used to seeing it in a casual environment. That's a Dream Shake. Shaking from formal to informal.

So misdirection is key to your style off the court?

Yes. The key to fashion is, you don't want to look like you're trying. You've gotta be natural. But what you throw on is making a huge statement without you talking. That's the Dream Shake. Or you could call that a crossover.

Have you ever thought about making Phi Slamma Pajammas?

No, but I am going to do the Dream House collection. A lot of bedspreads, towels. But this is a good idea that you gave me, I'm adding it to the collection. That's what's so good about building your own brand. Any good idea, you can add it to the collection. That's the creativity.

Pretty standard stuff. Hakeem also uses the "creative" line when talking about some crazy flavors ("with banana") for a literal brand of "Dream Shakes," he points out that he's never played NBA Jam, and that he's never heard of Denver forward/center Nene, who entered the league following Olajuwon's ill-fated final season with the Toronto Raptors.

All in all, a fascinating read.

(Hat tip: Can't Stop the Bleeding.)