What is the greatest quarter in Clippers history?

Last night, the Clippers beat the Miami Heat at Staples Center to break one of the longest road winning streaks in recent history. They did so in large part because of a stellar first quarter.

According to Mark Heisler of the Los Angeles Times, it might have even been the best 12-minute period in franchise history:

The Clippers then put an amazing show, running up 44 points in a spectacular first quarter with Griffin flying, Eric Gordon(notes) bombing, Baron Davis(notes) dealing and DeAndre Jordan(notes) dunking.

In an unofficial poll, broadcasters Don MacLean, Michael Eaves and I decided it had to be the greatest quarter in Clippers history. Of course, in other teams' histories, they keep track of seasons, not quarters.

This might not seem like an accomplishment for the record books, but this quarter beat out some pretty stiff competition. Here are just a few of the other best quarters in the storied history of the Clips:

1. That one time Loy Vaught went for 15 against Buck Williams
2. The single quarter when Maurice Taylor qualified as a star
3. The only quarter Bill Walton played before his lower body exploded.
4. The third quarter of Game 6 of the 2005 Western semifinals, right before Mike Dunleavy decided Daniel Ewing should guard Raja Bell(notes)
5. The one quarter last season when Baron Davis and Chris Kaman(notes) were both completely healthy at the same time
6. The first time the PA announcer referred to James Richardson as "Pooh"
7. The last time Frankie Muniz was able to afford courtside seats
8. The first quarter they played after Mike Dunleavy was fired.
9. The one quarter in which Darius Miles(notes) and Quentin Richardson(notes) pounded their heads 16 times.
10. The first fourth quarter in which Lawler's Law (i.e. that the first team to 100 points wins) was broken.

Wow, what a successful franchise. I don't know how they'll ever top last night's exploits.