Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis and Aaron Gray are very willing to get in one another’s faces

Ball Don't Lie

Long before DeMar DeRozan hit a high-arcing buzzer-beater to push the Toronto Raptors past the Orlando Magic to a 97-95 road win, things got pretty physical in Central Florida, especially between Magic big man Glen Davis and Raptors even bigger man Aaron Gray.

With Toronto leading 21-20 just before the end of the first quarter, the two frontcourt players tangled at the free-throw line as Davis tried to get into position to set a screen. A frustrated Davis tossed up his hands and looked toward the officials for some relief, but got none. After setting a high screen for E'Twaun Moore, Davis popped to the elbow, received a pass and drove to the basket, but was whistled for traveling. He kept heading to the rim to get a shot up, though, and Gray stayed with him, bodying up "Big Baby" even after the play had been blown dead.

Baby didn't like that, and he wasn't going to back down. Gray didn't like that Baby didn't like that, and he wasn't going to back down either. The result:

So, this is better than backing down, huh? OK, then. Cool, I guess?

Davis received a technical foul on the play, because when someone decides he's going to eat an opponent's chin, the refs have to give the other team a free throw. It's way deep in the rule book, but it's there; trust me.

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Luckily, cooler heads prevailed, the players went their separate ways and none of their teammates visited any further nuzzle-based retaliation on one another. It wasn't the only smooch of the game, though; after DeRozan's game-winner, Raptors head coach Dwane Casey exuberantly showed his appreciation:

We're guessing DeRozan didn't mind that as much as Gray minded Davis' face-to-face, if for no other reason than DeMar probably wasn't able to tell what Dwane had to eat before the game; Aaron probably wasn't so lucky. Also, the answer was probably PB&J.

OK, I just got a little sick thinking about smelling Big Baby's peanut-butter breath. Let's just move on.

Hat-tip to r/nba.

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