Gilbert Arenas seems pretty excited to see Nick Young on the freeway (Video)

It's always nice to see an old friend while you're out and about; we too rarely take the opportunity to catch up these days, and the opportunity to check in with a pal and former colleague is an awful nice surprise while you're running errands. Gilbert Arenas, apparently, relishes such opportunities enough to document them. Loudly. While driving.

Hey there, Swaggy:

I haven't seen Nick Young's side of the interaction, but I'm sure it's coming to an Instagram post near you soon.

Arenas and Young, of course, spent three-plus years together as members of the legendarily dopey late-Aughts Washington Wizards, which did a little bit of winning, a lot more losing, a little bit of getting hypnotized, a lot more pranking and, y'know, worse stuff. They shared a lot together, apparently growing tight enough that Arenas — then a max-salaried star working his way back from injuries and legal troubles — allegedly sat out a preseason game so Young could get a start and a chance to strut his stuff. (Arenas later denied that, citing another reason for the sit-out that might even have been a bit worse.)

It stands to reason, then, that Gil — who's apparently headed back to China this season, although he clearly hasn't shipped out yet — would be glad to see his old running buddy, who's back in California to play for the Los Angeles Lakers this season and who just got back from China himself. I mean, it hasn't been that long since they ran into one another — you may remember a mermaid being involved in their last bro-down — but still, it's fun. Maybe not "hand-you-a-beer-from-a-moving-car" fun, but certainly "record-loud-yelling-for-posterity" fun, it seems.

Somewhat amazingly, this isn't even the dumbest thing Agent Zero's done in a car in the last four months. Oh, well — at least he appears to have completed his journey safely. Don't try this at home, kids. Keep your eyes on the road.

In other news, Arenas "can see" the argument that the $111 million deal the Wizards gave him is the worst NBA contract of the 21st century, even though he doesn't exactly seem apologetic about the way things turned out. Gil in a nutshell, basically; some things never change, I suppose.

Hat-tip to r/NBA.

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