Gilbert Arenas explains why he soiled Andray Blatche’s shoe

After last season's gun incident, Gilbert Arenas(notes) the prankster was suddenly a pariah. The man who was once a lovable eccentric had turned into an immature loose cannon. So Gil's changed this season, deciding to become more serious in the face of media pressure. He's still not like many of his colleagues -- this is, after all, someone who sat a preseason game because he was scared of getting booed -- but the joy is gone.

Sometimes, though, the pranks of the past haunt the present. Earlier this week, Arenas remarked on how no one in the press ever asked why he had pooped in teammate Andray Blatche's shoes. If you forget, that prank was used last season as a prime example of how Gilbert had to grow up. Never mind that Shaquille O'Neal(notes) and others have also been cited for the same malfeasance.

Gil's challenge was quickly met by Truth About It's Kyle Weidie. Check out the answer below.

Oh, that makes perfect sense. We didn't have a Jacuzzi at my old office job, but we had our own kind of fun. People always used to cut up my gym clothes when I wasn't looking. Then I'd put their shoes into the microwave. It was all in good fun, of course, and weeks later we'd joke about it while talking about the latest episode of "Dancing with the Stars" by the water cooler. You can only discuss Brooke Burke's risqué outfits for so long.

Those are sweet memories. If you can't tell, Gil looks back on his pranking days fondly, too. His face lights up when he discusses the intersection of fashion and defecation, in part because those were his glory days on the court, too.

But he must return to reality. That last line stings: "All the fun days is over [sic]." Gil can't go back to that previous personality even if he wants too. And while that shift thankfully won't result in anymore problems with the law, something has still been lost.

Gil made mistakes. But when you see him like this, it's clear that he's a tragic figure, too.