This gentleman has the Air Jordan Jumpman logo shaved into his beard (Photo)

I'm still not sold on that cucumber, but I definitely see the Air Jordan Jumpman logo shaved into this young man's beard:

The word "BULLS," too, for that matter. (Or, more accurately, "BULL," followed by a lowercase "s" that looks a little like a "oh, crud" jammed-in afterthought.)

So, how does one come by such unique facial hair? Bleacher Report's Jake Silver has a brief description:

Students at the University of Toledo medical school grew their facial hair like many others in the month of November, but they saw an opportunity to do more. During the course of the month, people could bid on the rights to shave a beard however they so chose. All proceeds would go to their community clinic.

Fortunately for Ali, pictured above, the winning bidder knew he was a fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.


As reasons for doing weird stuff with your beard go, "charity" is a pretty good one; better than anything Drew Gooden, or Scot Pollard ever came up with. I mean, Ali's no basketbeard Garey Faulkner, but he's a giving sort, at least, which is nice.

NBA-related hair-shaving of note typically comes to us in the form of haircuts, whether inspired by players (like Matt Bonner, James Harden or His Airness) or rocked by them (like Tony Allen, Spencer Hawes and, of course, the former Ron Artest). With so much focus on the larger follicular area, it's nice to see a tribute occupying a different area of the face.

Just one problem: a winter hat won't cover this one, Ali. Whether you decide to keep it until the bare parts grow back or just shave it all the way down, it looks like you're going to need to go full balaclava for a little while. Best of luck, friend.

Hat-tip to Trey Kerby of The Starters.

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