Game to pay attention to: Spurs vs. Clippers

San Antonio at Los Angeles Clippers

All three of tonight's games are pretty intriguing. Portland's early-season Eastern jaunt finds itself in Chicago, the Kings and Raptors could put together a combined 240 points in their meeting, and it's going to be nice watching Blake Griffin(notes) match up against Tim Duncan(notes) in the late game. Seriously looking forward to all three.

But, though it still astounds that the World Series is going up against the second week of NBA basketball, do yourself a favor tonight. Watch the baseball game.

It might be the last game of the season, and it could be a pretty interesting back and forth. Cliff Lee, Tim Lincecum, and a bunch of other guys I hadn't even heard of until about a month ago. And it's the last time you might get to see baseball until next spring. There will be plenty of great NBA hoops, though, between now and next spring.

So, yes, watch the baseball game. Or Top Gear on BBC America. It's the series finale, with the touching look at old British sportscars, and it's pretty fantastic. Either way, stay on a couch, comment away, and we'll see you tomorrow.