Game to pay attention to: Nuggets vs. Mavericks

Denver at Dallas

Nine games tonight, which is a ton (usually you'll get three or four) for a Monday night during football season. I guess, after having been burned by a guy with the same name before, the NBA knew something about Derek Anderson last summer that nobody else did.

There are plenty of good games on, as well. Quality and quantity. Steve Nash and his Suns are in New York with a chance to pull out a win over the team's old coach, while setting fire to Mitch Lawrence's ridiculous Sunday piece (The Suns are going to pay Steve Nash seven million dollars next year not to play for them next year? And he'll come to the Knicks for the MLE? That makes total sense!).

I'm interested to see the new look Bobcats against the sustained sturdiness of the Atlanta Hawks, the Nets and VC in Toronto is always awesome, Utah (minus Carlos Boozer, still) in Boston should be a tough one, and Orlando will end up playing the late game for most against the Warriors.

But the one I'm looking forward to most is Denver in Dallas. Dirk Nowitzki's been honing his skills all week for this one, Kenyon Martin's ready for his close up, and I'm anxious to see if Jason Kidd in his mini-comeback year can handle Chauncey Billups' ultra-efficiency.

Carmelo Anthony's averaging about 29 a game over his last three, Dirk's at around 33 per game over his last six, and Jason Terry continues to shoot the lights out for the Mavericks. Solid stuff.

Denver Nuggets: 16-7, 95.2 possessions per game (5th), 108.7 points scored per 100 possessions (8th), 102.7 points allowed per 100 possessions (5th). Mystery Train.

Dallas Mavericks: 13-9, 92.8 possessions per game (10th), 107.6 points scored per 100 possessions (12th), 104.7 points allowed per 100 possessions (10th). Mess of the Blues.

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