Exclusive video: SF Giants closer Brian Wilson explains why the ’86 Celtics are the best ever

Tuesday's release of "NBA 2K12" on various gaming platforms marks an important moment for NBA fans, and not just because forlorn diehards can now simulate the 2011-12 season as if it were freed from enforced cryostasis. In addition to the usual gameplay, this year's installment features more than 30 unlockable classic teams, which means you can play as Hall of Famers like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Bill Russell. In the virtual world, age and rules aren't barriers to these matchups any more.

These new teams will also let gamers decide which championship squad deserves to be named as the greatest team of all time. Then again, everyone probably has a strong opinion on that topic anyway.

Just take it from eccentric San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, a New England native and big Boston Celtics fan. According to Wilson, who's certainly never lacked confidence, the 1985-86 Celtics are the clear choice. He explained his choice in this exclusive video courtesy of 2K Sports.

Wilson takes the Celtics seriously, so he dressed the part. Not content to just wear a Larry Bird jersey or Celtics hat, Wilson accessorized with a blond wig, satin jacket, wristbands, and short shorts. It's a good look, even if Wilson's beard makes the whole outfit look like Bird if he were an 1840s gold prospector. Oh, and he also put up a 1986 championship banner, showed off what I can only assume is a Bill Walton wig in the background, and caressed a cheetah rug. As any true fan knows, the best supporters in the world border on insanity.

The argument itself eschews stats, instead focusing on more subjective criteria like the quality of their front line and some made-up words like "guarans" (short for "guarantee," natch). Oh, and apparently if you put all the '86 Celtics in a blender, they'd come out as a strawberry milkshake, because they're sweet. Thanks, Brian.

It's a good argument, and one that should play out during games of "NBA 2K12" throughout the world in the coming months. In fact, Wilson only fails when he starts saying that no one in the world dislikes leprechauns. Obviously he has never seen the horror film series. That little guy is terrifying.

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