Even Dwyane Wade is tired of the Carmelo drama

The Carmelo Anthony(notes) saga continues to drag on. He doesn't want to be in Denver. He doesn't want to be in New Jersey. He would like a contract extension. He would like to sign it in New York or Chicago, but under the collectively bargained guidelines of the current CBA, not the next one that will no doubt limit the amount of money he can make.

That is to say, nothing has changed in the slightest since late last summer, when Carmelo made his initial non-demanding trade demand.

Adrian Wojnarowski even pointed out Wednesday that Anthony's de facto agent, William Wesley, is flying into Chicago to try and sell the Bulls on the idea of trading players Denver's way to take on the Nuggets All-Star:

Anthony has long been enthusiastic about a possible trade to the Bulls, but Denver and Chicago officials had been previously unable to come to terms on a deal. Bulls executives John Paxson and Gar Forman have investigated the possibility of acquiring Anthony, but thus far haven't been willing to include the one player the Nuggets most covet: center Joakim Noah.

The Bulls want nothing to do with moving Noah, and even if they were to part with Noah's contract, the provisions of his contract extension make him very hard to move this season. Nothing's happening.

Which is what Dwyane Wade(notes) is all upset about. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Wade seems as worn down by the Anthony saga as the rest of us:

From the AP:

"I stopped following it," Wade said. "It's getting to the point where you're just like, move on already or don't. I'm sure 'Melo is more tired of it than anybody. But it's just to the point, as a sports fan, you're just, ‘All right, it's just enough."'

Which would be fine, had Wade and his Miami cronies not dragged the NBA through their particular ringer for all of last season, the entire offseason (even after they signed or re-signed with the Heat) and better chunk of this year with their particular brand of soap opera.

This doesn't mean Dwyane Wade doesn't have the right to be as sick of this whole saga as we are, but the message would be a little more warming had it come from, say, Kevin Durant(notes). Or someone doing a Bruno Kirby impersonation.

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