Did Al Jefferson stiff a car outfitter out of $25k?

According to one Minnesota man, Utah Jazz big man Al Jefferson is a very, very bad man, having scammed the man out of $25,000 in a car deal gone wrong.

Eric Lero runs Sub Zero Sounds, up in Minneapolis, Minn., and he contends that Jefferson stopped payment on what was a $60,000 bill for work Lero did on one (we're hoping) of Jefferson's cars. Though Jefferson paid the first down payment and later dues after a court settlement, Lero isn't happy with the result.

Here's the video:

A few things are a little head-scratching.

First, I know that overtime hours and total labor costs can really get up there, but $60,000 just to add a sound system? The video doesn't mention anything about Lero's crew turning Jefferson's Caprice into anything worth driving. They don't mention rims, and they certainly don't mention any sort of engine, chassis, or transmission work that would amp up the cost of completely outfitting what Lero was right to call a "$2,500" car.


Jefferson looks terrible here for refusing to pay the second half of his bill, no matter how much money he makes per season (around $12 million per), but unless Lero added a sparkling new V8 into the mix, then that initial $30,000 sounds about right. For Jefferson to then have to pay $15,000 to Lero in order for him to cover court costs sounds about right as well. We're not familiar with the court case, and though there are flaws in our legal system, usually these sorts of claims courts tend to do a fair enough job getting people to pay off what they just bought. If Lero was owed another $30,000 plus court costs, Jefferson likely would have had to pay that.

Now, onto Al.

Spending $60,000 on a Caprice? I get the classic, low-rider appeal, but come on, guy.

And who isn't cringing at the thought of an Xbox and TV in the front (and not rear) of the car? That's pretty much as dangerous as driving gets, Al. Remind me to just use public transit the next time I'm in Utah, because I'm not sure I want to be on the same roads as someone who thinks that's a good idea.