Dennis Rodman might play in a Bulgarian All-Star game, loves the ‘beautiful’ Bulgarian women

It's hard to tell, from this story culled from a Bulgarian wire service, if the 50-year old Dennis Rodman is actually playing in a Bulgarian basketball All-Star game later this week, but given the Hall of Famer's financial difficulties, we wouldn't be surprised if he suited up for cash. Beyond playing at the event, which is to be held on April 7th, Sofia News Agency is also reporting that Rodman "will hold a press conference and lecture Bulgarian youngsters on the specifics of his psychological preparation before basketball games." We kid you not.

Rodman, who has played in both Finland and China since retiring from the NBA in 2000, is no stranger to suiting up for scrills and a chance to worm his way into international hoops. He's also no stranger to commenting openly and freely on what moves him most, and in most cases, that would be the ladies. From Sofia:

"I learned a bit about your country on the internet. Your women are very beautiful," said he, before heading to his hotel.

I'm not even going to risk my anti-virus software's sanity by attempting to look up the sort of websites that Rodman gleaned this information from, but it's nice to be positive, right?

After touching down in Bulgaria on Wednesday night, Rodman was pleasantly surprised by his new surroundings:

"Hey, it is not very cold here," the star exclaimed.

When asked if he felt ready to play, Rodman replied: "Not right now. I am tired. The flight from Miami was long. The weather is warm there and I boarded it straight from the beach."

Indeed it's not very cold, Dennis, as Sofia was set to enjoy 75 degree weather under bright sunshine on Thursday, though rain and milder temps are expected for the rest of the week. I learned a bit about this on the internet.

Fellow Hall of Famer Arvydas Sabonis is also scheduled to participate in some fashion, should he recover from what Sofia News is calling "health problems," but not as an active player.

It's likely that Rodman won't be much of a force should he decide to suit up, given that the 6-6 power forward was undersized even in his prime, and he would be competing with players literally half his age. But if Bulgarian youngsters are so desperate to learn "the specifics of his psychological preparation before basketball games" from Rodman even at this point in his life, perhaps he still has something left to offer.

Either way, look out ladies. Beautiful, Bulgarian ladies.