DeAndre Jordan’s post-Brandon Knight dunk face is a T-shirt now

With all due respect to the "NBA Jam"-ification and Jim Ross-ing of it, the part of DeAndre Jordan's mammoth dunk on Brandon Knight that's stuck with me most is the face Jordan made afterward — an acknowledgement of the evil he'd just done and how disgustingly dirty he'd just done the Detroit Pistons point guard.

And now, thanks to the folks at Jordan endorser Under Armour, you can wear that screwfaced disdain proudly on your chest whenever it's warm out, for the low low price of $27.99 (plus shipping, natch):

Like the Amar'e Stoudemire fire extinguisher T-shirt, this seems like a pretty reasonable sports torture gift for the Pistons fan in your life. Just don't wear it around Knight himself — after a rough couple of weeks, that dude deserves a break, don't you think?

Hat-tip to Andrew Sharp at SB Nation.