Days of NBA Lives: Wherein Chris Kaman asks a hilarious question

At this point, seemingly half the NBA is on Twitter. It's a wild world of training updates, questions as to which movies they should go see, and explanations of their Call of Duty prowess. Every so often, though, you also get a picture into the more interesting aspects of NBA life. This feature is your window into that world.

Darren Collison: Gotta love this time of the yr, it brings back memories!#collegebasketball

Roy Hibbert: Man how do u guard people in the low post in college. U can touch anyone. U have to keep ur hands up at all times. That ish kray!

Chris Kaman: So do I buy 20 tix for the Lakers game or the Wizards game for the contest?

Steve Novak: @JLin7 He doesn't always drink beer... but when he does... he does it in Milwaukee. So sophisticated!

Jeff Green: I think Peyton Manning should do "The Decision" like Lebron did a couple years ago

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