Create-a-Caption: ‘¡Yo soy el rey del mundo!’

Dallas Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea, the first native of Puerto Rico ever to start an NBA Finals game and a key piece in the late-series success that the Mavs rode to the 2011 NBA championship, returned home to a massive crowd in San Juan on Wednesday afternoon. On one hand, that is seriously awesome and a super dope exhibition of love for a player that's pretty easy to root for (if you're of the mind to do so).

On the other, the idea of J.J. Barea standing atop a parade float and addressing his adoring fans is pretty fertile ground. Tell me what he said. (It doesn't have to be in Spanish, but there might just be extra credit if it is.)

Best caption wins the pure and chaste love of a parade. Good luck.

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Winner, Russell S: Lamaze: You're doing it wrong.

Runner-up, Cordell: Vasquez: "Oh, dribbled past you, Tony Parker!"

Crowd: "Greivis!"

Vasquez: "Too slow, Russell Westbrook!"

Crowd: "GREIVIS!!!!!!"

Vasquez: "AAH! What are you all doing here?!"

Second runner-up, Eye of the Tiger: Things grow increasingly awkward as Greivis butt-scoots closer and closer to the the kid in the pink shirt.