Create-a-caption: They're breakdance fighting!

Kobe Bryant's(notes) been on the cover of GQ, so it makes sense that he'd love Ben Stiller's male model masterpiece, "Zoolander." Seeing as it's about a washed-up superstar hoping for redemption, Vince's interest makes sense too. Best explanation for their mastery of the fight sequence wins a tiny cellphone. Good luck.

Previously, Grant Hill's coin-operated Sundiata.

Winner, Roger Mason(notes) Jr. = Hero: "No one bothered to tell Grant and Sundiata that tryouts for Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' video ended years ago."

Runner-up, Ol' Leather Pumpkin: "Grant Hill's love of Vaudevillian Ventriloquism is just a ploy to be traded to the Celtics."

Second runner-up, indeedproceed: "It almost looks like Gaines is singing the lead and Hill is doing the chorus for a small rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody."