Create-a-Caption: I can’t shake the feeling that Tony Parker’s up to something

That's an awful wry smile you've got there after shooting just 8 for 21 from the field in your San Antonio Spurs' Game 1 win, Tony Parker. Seems like you're pretty pleased with yourself — almost like you've just watched a long, meticulously orchestrated plan come to fruition.

This doesn't have anything ot do with those skin-tight French bus driver uniforms, does it? Or does it? Or maybe it wasn't Kobe tweeting at all — maybe you had noted technologist, teammate and countryman Boris Diaw hack his Twitter account to sow dissension in the Los Angeles Lakers' ranks. Intrigue!

Man, the suspense is just killing me. Won't you guys let me know what fiendish plot Parker's got swirling around in that star point guard brain of his? Best caption wins some Dastardly doings (literally). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Looking good, Meyers Leonard.

Winner, AKA: Brook Lopez finally finds the perfect picture for his summer rebounding camp's website.

Runner-up, Big S: Players watch in horror as DeAndre Jordan attempts a free throw.

Second runner-up, JakeVozquel: This is what it would look like if the groom threw a bouquet at the wedding.

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