Create-a-caption: Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett are very close pals

They say chemistry wins championships. Well, maybe they don't, but they should. And if that's the case, then Ray Allen(notes) and Kevin Garnett(notes) need to apologize to Paul Pierce(notes) for not including him on their secrets. It's pretty rude to rub their "No Headbands" club right in Paul's face. Best caption wins "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." Good luck.

Previously, Channing and Luke yuck it up.

Winner, C: LW- "How many 3's are you making tonight?"
CF- "0"

Runner-up, Phil: "Walton: I cant feel my face..i mean, i can touch it. but i cant feel it inside..."

Second runner-up, Travis: "Channing: Dude, I'm so over-paid!
Luke: I know! Me too! I played about 9 per in 29 games this year!
Channing: Word? Okay, that's seriously funny."