Create-a-Caption: ‘OK, 7 … 1 … 8 … wait, crap, I’m back to the home screen’

Steve Nash would be BEYOND THRILLED that he finally has someone to go see Japandroids with next week, if only he could figure out how to put Aaron's info into his new phone. UGH TECHNOLOGY YOU DO NOT MAKE EVERYTHING EASIER IT SEEMS!

Best caption wins the chance to listen to a song I really like. (Best prize ever!) Good luck.

In our last adventure: Pretty sneaky, Ol' Man Howard.

Winner, Larry B.: Kid: "I don't like visiting the Shady Pines Retirement Center, but it looks really good on my transcripts."

Runner-up, EJ: This picture was taken shortly before Juwan strained his cheekbones. He is out for Game 4. The child was assessed a Flagrant 2.

Second runner-up, Russell S: Juwan Howard schools the youth of America in how to play "Connect 4 DNPs."

A Special Commendation In Ruling, Really Exploring The Studio Space Division, goes to Azv321, aka our man Amin Vafa from Hardwood Paroxysm, who sharply noted that the backdrop of this scene is pretty freaking weird-looking:


Child: "Muahahaha!" /rips off mask, revealing that he's Derek Fisher


/fist is on a spring, is a dud, Fisher weeps, Miami in 5

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