Create-a-Caption: ‘I mean … maybe this time, *you* take the shot’

Listen, people can freak out all they want about whether Mike D'Antoni is the right coach to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a title, whether the Buss family or Phil Jackson and his representatives were to blame for the disintegration of an alleged handshake agreement for him to coach the team, and whatever else you'd like. But if the Lakers organization can't get David Beckham to stop sowing the seeds of discord from his high-priced perch near the Staples Center's floor, then L.A. truly is doomed. Suggesting Dwight Howard wear a headband and Pau Gasol shoot a corner three will seem like small potatoes, I'm telling you.

Best caption wins bad advice delivered by an animal even cuter than Becks. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Goran Dragic ain't too proud to beg.

Winner, Avi Goldstein: Goran anxiously waits to see if it is just a cold sore.

Runner-up, Bryan: Goran still can't quite get the hang of "YMCA."

Second runner-up, EJ: Goran's desperate praying pays off and the Lakers get Mike D'Antoni instead of Phil Jackson. Suns fans rejoice!

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