Create-a-Caption: MarShon Brooks is thrown a ‘size order’ curveball

Ball Don't Lie

No, MarShon Brooks, we know that normally you line up in the back because you're the tallest kid. But right now, we need you to line up in the front. It's reverse size order. ... Why are we doing it? Because it's the start of the school year, and we need to both shake things up and make sure you know that we can just kind of make you do stuff, because we're teachers. SURPRISE! POP QUIZ! No, just kidding. You're outside. That'd be really weird to do. But we still technically could. See what I'm saying?

For real, though, please unhand Phillip. Then, move to the front of the line. Thanks, MarShon!

Best caption wins a Nets-themed piggy bank in which to store your lunch money (not really). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Antonio Daniels can't get enough of those Thundersticks, which is a sentence that would work really well if you sang it to the tune of the old "Golden Crisp" jingle.

Winner, Kingmike88: "Man, this reminds me of when I played in Vancouver. Up there, they roll them so big ..."

Runner-up, Larry B: Antonio Daniels is amused and enlightened by the age-old Zen riddle: "What is the sound of one Thunderstick clapping?"

Second runner-up, JonathanH: Antonio Daniels really misses those cheesesteaks.

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