Create-a-Caption: Mark Jackson is a pretty gloomy Gus

Hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy, Mark Jackson. How ya doin'? Everything OK? Yeah?

You sure, Mark? You look a little down in the mouth. Specifically the corners of the mouth. They're pointing down. I know the rules. Mouth down, Mark frown.

Is it because you're worried that giving up Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and literally anything else Dell Demps might want in a potential trade that would bring back Chris Paul isn't a good deal? Or is it that you know it would be a good deal, but you'd be sad not to have the opportunity to coach some young guys you think you'd have fun getting to work with? Or is it that you miss Jeff Van Gundy?

Awwww. That's OK, Mark. We all kind of miss Jeff Van Gundy, in our way. But you'll get to see him soon! Yeah, that's right, on the TV! He'll be talking about how you never played defense and how great it was to see "Hugo" or whatever before you know it. Until then: Hang in there, kitty, buck up, sport, and keep calm and carry on.

Best caption wins a nice long cry, because you need one sometimes, and a friendly ear to listen, because you need one all times. Good luck.

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Winner, Justin Reyes: "Then I was all like, 'This could shorten the season? ... Lockout it is.'"

Runner-up, Waynehead: Derek Fisher hears the trade rumors — Dwight Howard this, Chris Paul that. Yet he still smiles. I think he realizes that he will still be a Laker no matter what, because no one will trade for him.

Second runner-up, The Football God: Spalding paid $1 million for this product placement ad. FAIL!