Create-a-Caption: Kyle Lowry is all like, ‘Vegas, baby, Vegas’

"I'm playing competitive pick-up ball with 50 NBA pals and cracking jokes with my buddy Jared Dudley, I'm catching The Amazing Johnathan and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and hammering comped buffets every night, and I'm living in the same ZIP code as Bill Barnwell. Who needs a season? I'm having the time of my life!" — Kyle Lowry, probably.

Man, that does sound pretty sweet. But hey, wait a minute! We need a season! You bite your tongue, Lowry. You hear me? You bite it!

Best caption wins an unforgettable night as Nick Papagiorgio. Good luck.

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Winner, Chillkreme43: Wow, splinters in [Singapore] look really painful.

Runner-up, Kd: Kobe Bryant remains undefeated at the annual Sparks County Worm-Off.

Second runner-up, Dago: Kobe Bryant is extra-competitive. He wants to be the best at everything — even explaining "the birds and the bees" to a kid in basketball camp.