Create-a-Caption: There’s just so much emotion in Jeremy Lin’s dancing

I mean, things have been going pretty well over the past two games, but if Mike Woodson does wind up favoring Baron Davis as his starter, it's good to know that Jeremy Lin has been sharpening skills that will translate off the court, too. I mean, look at how expressive his face is — he's like a young Lindsay Kemp out there.

I know, I know, it seems like basketball writers always pull out the Lindsay Kemp card, but in this case, I think the comparison really applies. And I think we'd all agree that the world of ballet could use an infusion of Linsanity right about now, right?

Best caption wins a few demi-pliés with your man Michael Beasley. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Blake Griffin and Jared Dudley don't seem to have great natural chemistry. (And hey, for what it's worth: You showed a lot of hustle out there for a Friday afternoon/weekend, C-a-C-ers. I'm proud of you.)

Winner, Benjamin: Jared Dudley: "NO! I will not ride in a KIA! NEVER!!!!!!"

Runner-up, Jeffrey B: Blake Griffin will explain this by buying Kobe Bryant's wife a $7 million diamond ring.

Second runner-up, Boomer: Blake Griffin is taking his work at Funny or Die a little too literally.