Create-a-Caption: The Grizzlies want to act like Blake Griffin acts

This is definitely a good start, Marreese Speights and Marc Gasol, but excruciatingly pained facial expressions are only part of it. You also have to anger DeMarcus Cousins. Oh, and probably learn the Strasberg Method. Whichever one feels safer, I guess.

Best caption wins Faces of the Last Season of Oprah, which are good faces to study. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Shane Battier belts it out to the back row.

Winner, The VZA: "Did I remember to turn the toaster oven off before I left the house? Think, Shane! Think! ... Yes. Yes I did."

Runner-up, Jj: Shane Battier teaches the Heat how to take a charge with his eyes closed.

Second runner-up, DICK SMOTHERS: Shane Battier is the back-to-back invisible corn-on-the-cob eating champion.

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