Create-a-Caption: ‘THERE GOES MY BABY!’

That's a completely inappropriate level of intensity for covering The Drifters, Gregg Popovich. You're freaking out both referee Bill Kennedy and Don Newman, your trusted assistant coach. I appreciate your commitment to pantomiming as you sing, but you can't tell a couple of guys that you're working on some new R&B numbers for your bar band, Pop of the Tops, and then come out with this malarkey.

The playoffs start in less than a month, Gregg. Get your act together. Jeez.

Best caption wins important information on why pointing is rude. Good luck.

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Winner, Mike: Marc Gasol: Ultimate Red Rover Champion.

Runner-up, Ben: Marc Gasol, saving the world from unnecessary bro fists.

Second runner-up, THIRDY: "If management wont trade you, I will."

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