Create-a-caption: Frowntown, population: 2

Is it just me or would this be the worst mid-90s R&B group ever? You've got the soulful, yearning Brian Scalabrine(notes) on the high notes, and the bad boy Paul Pierce(notes) way down low. Their album "Chillin'" would probably only sell 344 copies, but that's still more than Ron Artest's(notes) debut record. Best caption wins "My World." Good luck.

Previously, the Suns aren't smiley.

Winner, Riley: "Coach, you promised ice cream if we won"

Runner-up, indeedproceed: "Everyone took the season finale of `Chuck' differently. Some people were sad, some were relieved, some were angry or frustrated. The Phoenix Suns though, were just happy that it happened, and they were there. They didn't talk a lot on that Monday night. They didn't need to."

Second runner-up, Hoopster1688: "A shot of the far less popular "Mt. Sunsmore" in Phoenix."