Create-a-Caption: Anything that makes Kevin Garnett this happy just has to be terrifying

You see Kevin Garnett smiling wide and you think everything's fine, and that's when the smaller second sharp-fanged mouth pops out and your whole face gets bitten off. Classic Big Ticket face-rip. Can't believe you fell for that.

What's making KG, former Boston Celtics teammate Jeff Green and this highly excited fan strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo so chipper? (Sorry, Bryan; thanks, Ananth.) Best caption wins 1,000 reasons to smile. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Gilbert Arenas isn't so sure about what Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins is proposing.

Winner, Justin: "Sooo ... Romney or Gingrich? ;-)"

NOTE: This only wins because I am reading Justin's entry as intending the winking smiley-face to be part of Hollins' dialogue with Gil, because boy oh boy, would I love that. If that was not the intent, I disavow all knowledge of this competition. You saw nothing. NOTHING.

Runner-up, The Football God: "I need shooters, Gilbert. Not shoe turds."

NOTE: I make no promises, but I *might* be persuaded to award a Special Commendation in Ruling, Rhyming Edition, to the reader who crafts the best "We want a pitcher / Not a belly-itcher"-style couplet involving the "shooters"/"shoe turds" duo. Just sayin'.

Second runner-up, Sean: That awkward staredown, knowing that he who smelt it dealt it.

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