Create-a-Caption: Andray Blatche has a nose for the basketball on defense

Ball Don't Lie

Just one problem: It's Dwight Howard's.

Does deploying Grandpa-style trickery and illusions represent a viable defensive strategy for dealing with a rampaging opposing center in 2012? Brooklyn Nets coach Avery Johnson thinks there's only one way to find out, and he's entrusting noted defensive ace Andray Blatche with the task of performing this critical experiment. Gentlemen, let us raise our glasses. To science!

UPDATE: This failed miserably. Dwight Howard scored 23 points on 11 field-goal attempts in the Los Angeles Lakers' 95-90 win over the Nets on Wednesday night. Looks like it's to the lab again, Avery. Hang in there, pal; maybe your buddy Metta can make you feel better.

Best caption wins some top-shelf nose-fluting, which Dwight and Andray will both surely set about learning how to mimic in time for the holidays. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Scott Skiles sees what you're doing, and he's very upset by it.

Winner, JonathanH: Coach Skiles really wants a hair transplant after seeing the back of Drew Gooden's head.

Runner-up, O'Brien: "He's the reason we're losing, not me."

Second runner-up, Larry B.: "I've never seen you before in my life, but you look to me like a slacker!"

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