Clippers forward Matt Barnes uses social media in hopes of finding aunt's killer

Clippers forward Matt Barnes uses social media in hopes of finding aunt's killer

Seeking justice for his aunt Tanganyika Williams' murder in Sacramento earlier this month, Clippers forward Matt Barnes is hoping his vast social media following will help track down the alleged killer.

Barnes twice shared pictures of suspect Michael Lee Williams — the 51-year-old estranged husband of the NBA veteran's aunt — with his nearly 600,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

"This dude stabbed my auntie in the neck last week & left her for dead on the sidewalk, she ended up dying on the way to the hospital in the ambulance," Barnes wrote on his various accounts. "If you hv any info on his where abouts contact the #SacPD # SacramentoWeNeedYourHelp #RIPTang"

Indeed, Michael Lee Williams allegedly stabbed his 48-year-old estranged wife on July 8 and left her to die on the street, according to The Sacramento Bee.  A police description listed Williams as 5-foot-7 and 220 pounds with brown eyes and hair. He is believed to still be in the Sacramento area.

Williams reportedly served 13 years in an Oklahoma prison for shooting with intent to kill on Feb. 6, 1992. As the Bee noted, a 1991 Daily Oklahoman report named Williams as the trigger man when his then mother-in-law was shot in the face. Swell guy, this Michael Lee Williams, allegedly.

Barnes rose to stardom in the Sacramento area, playing for Fair Oaks (Calif.) Del Campo High before attending UCLA and embarking on an 11-year NBA career that includes a year with the Kings in 2004-05.

On his various social media accounts, Barnes posted his cousin Taquita Lugo's contact info for any tips on the suspect's whereabouts. Lugo told The Sacramento Bee the family has received some helpful clues in the search as well as some not so helpful responses — some of which Barnes appeared to address in his second Instagram post on the subject. The best and worst of social media, apparently. As Barnes said, "How would you feel if this was your mom, your sister, your daughter, aunt, wife or girlfriend?"