A Clippers fan is reportedly suing the team for $5 million after they allegedly sent him spam via text

Texts from spammers feel far worse that emails from spammers, or Facebook and/or Twitter direct messages from spammers. A person’s private phone number is not a part of the social media grindhouse, so it’s never fun to pull up your mobile device after something buzzes or beeps or flashes, expecting to read something pertinent from someone you trust with your phone number, only to realize that some bot on the other end is trying to sell you something.

Still, in the era of unlimited text messaging plans, it’s quickly forgotten. Unless you’re ex-Los Angeles Clippers fan Ari Friedman, I suppose. According to TMZ, while attending a recent Clippers game, the gentleman in question reportedly wanted a message to the Clippers to be shown on the scoreboard for all to see, for some reason. What followed was apparently a bit of a nuisance.

From TMZ:

The guy behind the lawsuit is Ari Friedman -- who claims he went to a game at Staples Center and participated in one of those arena games where you can send a text message to the team that could get posted on the stadium scoreboard. (Sidenote: Who does that???)

In a lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Ari claims the team assured fans they would not share cell phone information or send return text messages ... but alas, Ari claims the Clips broke that promise

After the game, Ari says he got hit with text message spam which traced back to the Clippers. He's pissed because incoming text messages can cost several cents in charges.

So, “several cents” tend to add up, right? Let’s say, a nickel per text, if we’re still using that 2003-era plan, and the Clippers should have to pay up for going against their word, righto?

Here’s the issue – Friedman is reportedly suing the team for $5 million, according to TMZ. A billion of those nickel-plated texts, basically.

Now, we know that litigious types tend to overreach when it comes to offering an initial lawsuit settlement, and we’re also aware that Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been taken to court by all manner of ex-coaches, executives and scouts after he welched out on paying them what they were assured when they signed a contract.

This, though? Though we wouldn’t mind in the slightest if the NBA’s sleaziest owner were taken to financial task, this is quite the payout for such a mild annoyance. And we’re already apologetic for bringing this latest round of “why it’s OK to hate other humans” to your computer today.

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