Chris Bosh got married and won't admit it

The Miami Heat have been the object of their fair share of jokes this season, most of which have targeted the Big Three for their love of fame ahead of basketball accomplishments like wins and championships. Within that framework, no player has received more guff than forward Chris Bosh(notes), both because he's extremely gangly and because he seems to have no sense of what constitutes positive publicity. Note to Chris: You should probably not do photoshoots for Maxim unless you are a semi-famous woman who looks good in very little clothing.

Given Bosh's proclivity for publicity, it's fairly shocking when he keeps certain news private, especially when it's a matter of private record. According to Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel (via PBT), Bosh and his longtime girlfriend Adrienne Nicole Williams were married recently in Miami-Dade County. Their marriage certificate is on file and everything. It is as official as marriages get.

The only problem is that Bosh won't own up to it. When Winderman asked him, he played dumb:

"Not yet, man, not yet," Bosh said. "I was made aware of stuff leaking out or supposed information leaking out. Yes, I am scheduled to be married, but we're not there yet."

Bosh is entitled to his privacy, and it honestly doesn't matter much whether or not he's married. That's a personal decision. Basketball writers are supposed to tell Bosh what he's doing wrong on the court, not at home. Shockingly, there are limits to our expertise.

What interests me here is why a player as media-friendly as Bosh has suddenly decided to keep quiet about his marriage. This is by every possible metric a great moment in his life worthy of celebration. Why would he keep it secret? Maybe it's as simple as Bosh and Williams wanting to have a lavish ceremony this offseason while making things official in the eyes of the state beforehand. Or perhaps he wants to stay focused on the playoffs, although Bosh has never been one to shy from off-court publicity when basketball should theoretically be center stage.

For whatever reason, Bosh has finally drawn a line dictating that some aspects of his life have to be kept private. He's certainly entitled to that decision, even if it seems curious in this particular situation. Whether or not this newfound desire for privacy stretches to other areas of his media profile remains to be seen. Based on some questionable choices he's made in the past, it might not be the worst idea.