The Chicago Bulls’ unity makes Kevin Love’s mouth water

"They're all on the same page, everybody ... When they break from the huddle, everybody's in. You can tell everybody has the utmost respect for each other and they're all in it to win it. In that regard, I envy that. I salivate for that. I like that a lot."

— Kevin Love, singing the praises of the Eastern Conference-leading Chicago Bulls after Tom Thibodeau's team laid a 108-91 beating on Love's Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night.

The NBA's leading rebounder offered another estimation of the Bulls to Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune: "They're pretty good ... I was saying that in the third quarter. They're pretty damn good."

Let's see here: 54-20, top defense in the league, All-Everything point guard, Joakim Noah's whole steez and Kurt Thomas' eyes? Yep, pretty damn good, all the way around. Love's math checks out. He's a very smart guy, but he should still wipe his mouth. Gross.